Carol J. Mehlman was born in Dayton Ohio. She started creating short stories at a young age, while in High School. Being the youngest of seven, her love of family and togetherness kept her constantly with pen in hand.

Carol started traveling while still in her teens.  She visited approximately 13 states in a course of 4 and a half years.  She has met some fascinating people of all wakes of life.
One day while reading a magazine, around 1974, she came across an article from "The Children's Institute of Literature", located in Connecticut.  She sent for the course and from there, history was made.
This Institution was a wonderful course for any aspiring writer for children.  One of her lessons was to take a simple drawing and from it, create a story.  Henceforth, 'Especially For Mr. Bunnie' was created.
It took until 1989 for Carol to put a face on every character involved in this story.  She continued to revise it for many years after.
Carol has other children's books presently available on Amazon.  Illustrations are in the works for Mr. Bunnie’s Coloring Book.

Carol has another book called, “Krazy Looking Paper Dolls”, also located on Amazon.
Carol was a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.  She was a Travel Consultant in Florida for a short time and a Webmaster since 1979.  She found her passion in Retail Management for nearly 5 years.
Since 1997 she dabbled in photography and freelanced off and on.  
Carol presently resides in Alabama.  Her passion for writing and creating keeps her busy with other websites.  

Since being retired, she spends a lot of time outdoors filming the local critters in her backyard.  It takes hours of filming for just a few seconds of capturing precious moments!

The Hummingbirds videos also include lizards and some others.  These are backyard video’s.

She calls everything she creates:  CjsCreatives and sometimes you will see:  Carol Mehlman’s Productions.