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Welcome to my new channel in Roku!

Your interests are our interests.  Located in the category of: Animals and Pets.

Here you will find a selection of backyard animals starting with hummingbirds.  There will be a lot of videos dealing with hummingbirds feeding, flying or playing!

We will also have Greenie, our backyard lizard.  As you guessed he is very green but he also has his friend who is brown.

Next you may see a squirrel or two playing up and down on our trees.

Then you may see a lot of footage on our red-bellied woodpecker, both male and female!

We hope to entertain you and perhaps it might even be relaxing to sit back and watch our backyard animals!

Come visit our channel to see what we have added new!

Yours for Entertainment,

Carol Mehlman Productions

Any questions: Click the contact page on our website here!

Thanks for stopping by!